Meet The Cast

Jean Warner

Jean is a founding member of Whetstone Drama Group and can still be seen treading the boards in our Murder Mysteries.

Jean served for many years as the group’s treasurer and still sits on the committee as an associate member. Jean can be seen welcoming our faithful followers on Front of House at every production.

She is the grandmother of Christopher who is currently securing auditions in London's West end. Jean is married to Bernard who can still be seen treading the boards in productions and the Murder Mysteries & selling programmes to our faithful followers.

Charlotte Stokes

Charlotte joined Whetstone Drama Group in the autumn of 2015, after going to watch ‘Steel Magnolias’ with her nanny.

That evening, her nanny frogmarched her to go and speak to Mel as she had been looking to join a drama group and rekindle her love for it. Needless to say, she joined.

During her spare time, she can be found reading, swimming or watching films. She is very much a Harry Potter fan, the books being her pride and joy!

Emma Lawrence

Emma joined Whetstone at the age of 7, when her grandma gave her, her 1st part as a little french girl Adele in ‘Jane Eyre’.  She was very eager to take to the stage in further parts and then her grandma and father set up the Whetstone Youth Group.

Emma’s part in ‘Blood Brothers’ was the most memorable as she had to learn to speak with a liverpudlian accent.

She then left the group to concentrate on her A Level performing Arts, followed by studying BA Sociology at Derby University.

Emma recently returned to Whetstone Drama, for the production of ‘The Corn is Green’. She is thrilled to be back on the stage again and has also been seen in ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’.

Emma is looking forward to the next role.

Janice Muddimer

I have been asked to say a few words about myself, so here it goes! I have always enjoyed live theatre which started at school, must be about 7 years ago now! Moving on very quickly, I’ve acted in many plays and I have also directed, which I found very rewarding, mostly on the Sunday when the play finished. I first came to whetstone to join the cast of ‘Calendar Girls’, this play was very funny, truly moving, and one specific scene – Blooming freezing! Luckily for the audience in this play I keep my clothes on. Whetstone Drama Group have welcomed me with open arms and over looked my “odd habits” never to be put in writing! I was sincerely looking forward to be in there next production, but it was suggested, that I should ask, if there is a retired millionaire out there in the audience who is willing to take me on a world cruise…… Please make himself known!

Kaila Handley

Kaila is a primary school teacher from Leicestershire, who joined the group several years ago. Kaila believes she was tricked onto stage and afterwards it all went downhill from there.

Kaila has now appeared in several productions, ‘Emma’, ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Calendar Girls’ and

‘Allo ‘Allo. Kaila’s most notably production is ‘Carries War’ playing  Hebzibah Green.  Kaila enjoys the fun and laughter we have in rehearsals and can be mischievous.

In Kaila’s spare time she can be found walking her dogs through the fields and working on her garden.

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Louisa Rimmer

Louisa is a primary school teacher from Leicestershire, who joined the group several years ago.

She was tricked onto the stage with false promises of at just walking onstage in a pretty dress’ and it all went downhill from there.

 Louisa has now appeared in several productions, most notably in ‘The Corn Is Green’ and she enjoys the fun and laughter that they bring! She is a regular in the Murder Mystery group and in her spare time can be found down Welford Road supporting The Leicester Tigers.

Recently Louisa and her husband welcomed a new addition to their family, Baby Alice.