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Spencer Greasly

Spencer works for the Leicester museums. He joined the group in 2009. Spencer has now appeared in several productions, ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Allo ’Allo and ‘The Corn is Green’ and recently most notably playing Nick in ‘Carries War’ which he received a Special Mention from NANDA.

Spencer previously has been nominated and won awards for his performances. Spencer has recently became a father again!

Sandra Sutcliffe

Sandra joined Whetstone Drama Group in 1975 and is currently enjoying her fortieth year. She is an actor, producer and choreographer. She also adapts and produces musicals including 'Fiddler on the Roof' for the group’s fiftieth anniversary. More recently Sandra has taken over our very successful Youth Group whilst building up our fine costume wardrobe. Finally Sandra enjoys writing plots and managing our charity based Murder Mystery Group which has raised hundreds of pounds for good causes. Outside drama Sandra uses her skills as a retired head teacher to serve as a Chair of Governors at a Leicester primary school and is a season ticket holder at both LCFC and LCCC.

Peter Tovey

Peter joined the group in the mid-noughties having been “conned” into coming along to rehearsals for the Christmas Panto by Mel’s neighbours.

He thought he was going to be in the crowd scenes, but ended up as the Genie of the Lamp, covered in gold greasepaint and wearing M.C Hammers trousers.

10 years later he can still be seen treading the broads and has recently played the lead role in ‘Neighbourhood Watch ’.

Peter James

Paul Lawrence

Paul joined the group many years ago and is the son of a founder member Norma Lawrence. Paul is an all-rounder, he acts and directs. Paul made a comeback to the stage recently for ‘The Whetstone Christmas Show’. Paul and Norma worked together to create the first Whetstone Youth Group, which has grown from strength to strength over the years. Paul’s daughter Emma is carrying on the family name treading the boards on the Whetstone stage.

Patrica Kenyon